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  • Beth .

    Beth is an El Pasoan by birth. She has 2 years of experience working with animals, but has taken to it like a fish to water. She has worked at the Animal Rescue League and a local pet store. Beth has years of animal shelter volunteer work experience. She enjoys playing the trumpet and bass guitar. She is also currently in school pursuing an Animal Science degree.

  • Patti .

    Patti is an El Paso native. She has worked with animals for 9 years – 6 years as a jack-of-all-trades with the Humane Society of El Paso and 3 years as a receptionist at Johnsen Animal Hospital. Her interests include all types of animals (including reptiles), cooking/baking, movies, coffee, baseball and football (mostly baseball). She enjoys both veterinary medicine and psychology. She’s studied Education and Psychology before settling on Pre-Vet at EPCC. She has 7 dogs (Belle, Nani, Lulu, Kavik, Brewtus, Stella Bo Bella, and Harley Quinn), as well as several geckos (Hadley and Duckie).

  • Iliana .

    Iliana is originally from Phoenix, Arizona. She has 8 years of experience working as a receptionist at Johnsen Animal Hospital and has a Medical Office Specialist Certification. She loves dogs, zombie movies, coffee, and spending time with her family. She likes all animals, with the exception of bugs or spiders. She is the proud mother of 3 children and 4 dogs (Marla Pelotas, Rhino, Knuckles, and Murphy).


  • Rebecca .

    Rebecca is originally from Seattle, Washington. She has 6 years of experience in the veterinary field, working for a variety of different clinics. She loves what she does and works best hands on with patients providing quality care. Her professional interests include emergency medicine, trauma, and orthopedic surgery. In her personal life, she enjoys comedies, concerts, and spending time with her husband, son and fur babies. She’s a fan of the Seattle Seahawks and Philadelphia Flyers, and is a sucker for good Mexican food. She has an Associate’s Degree in Science with an emphasis on veterinary medicine. She is “absolutely passionate about preventive medicine and routine care to ensure your pet’s quality of life is excellent” and looks “forward to being part of your pet’s care!”

  • Kayla .

    Kayla is from Petoskey, Michigan. Prior to joining Johnsen Animal Hospital, she worked as a veterinary technician at a local veterinary clinic for 3 years. She also has 1 year experience with medical assisting, kennel work, and behavior testing at a humane society, as well as a variety of volunteer experience with large and small animals. She is working toward her technician license, and enjoys Parelli Natural Horsemanship, reading and watching sci fi and fantasy books/movies, and spending time with her daughter. Kayla grew up on a farm around horses, cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, dogs, and cats. She has experience working with rabbits, ferrets, turtles, chinchillas, and bearded dragons, so she is comfortable working with almost any animal. She is also a pet parent to several cats and dogs, most of which are failed fosters.

  • Letty .

    Letty is originally from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. She has 8 years of experience as a veterinary technician. She enjoys animals, her kids and family, anything Garfield, and watching TV/movies. Her fur babies include Max, Elway, Honey, Juliet, Zina, Ella, Halo, Jones, Belle, Pistachio, Valentino and Jelly.

  • Lizbeth .

    Lizbeth is a long time El Pasoan with over 4 years of experience working with animals. She has spent time volunteering for the Humane Society, pet sitting, and working as a veterinary technician. Liz enjoys sports, cooking, and going to the movies with her husband. Her dream is to eventually open her own kennel and low cost veterinary clinic. She is the proud pet mom to seven dogs: Joe, Keisha, Sarge, Javi, Cookie, Oso, and Rex.

  • Samantha .

    Samantha is a native El Pasoan. She has four years of experience working in veterinary clinics in the El Paso and Las Cruces area. She is the proud pet parent of her dog Blue, three cats (Trouble, Steve, Raptor), and George the ball python. Samantha is also a certified groomer and is working toward a degree in nursing. In her little spare time, she enjoys movies, swimming, traveling, hiking and working out.

Practice Manager

  • Matt .

    Matt has 8 years of experience in veterinary hospitals and strives to keep us running smoothly. In addition to his experience as a manager, he as several years of experience as a veterinary technician, so don’t be surprised if he pops into a room to assist in the care of your furry family members. Matt understands what it takes to provide excellent care to both our clients and their pets. He will address any concerns or needs you have with the utmost respect and compassion. In his spare time he enjoys writing, literature, basketball, movies, running and spending time with family and friends. Matt has a German Shepherd, Jack Russell Terrier and 2 cats.

Hospital Cat

  • Sarah .

    Sarah is a 3 year old El Paso native. She has vast veterinary experience, however her specialty is caring for and checking on all of our canine patients before and after surgery. She also acts as the unofficial wellness ambassador and hospital inspector. Sarah is a 2 time gold medalist at bell ringing on command for treats. Her “pets” include 2 toy mice and various balls. She loves crunchy treats and lots of love. While she’s not a big fan of other cats, Sarah loves dogs and people.

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  • "Such friendly caring staff work here. Appointments are easy to obtain and if an emergency occurs my pets are worked in quickly. Thank you all."
    Cheryl M. W.

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